Our Checking accounts that check all the boxes

These days banks and credit unions are able to offer you almost the same features and conveniences. Yet, you should know answers to the basic questions, like, “What’s the minimum balance?” and “What fees are associated with the account?” So let’s go through that to start:

Basic CheckingPremium Checking
Opening Deposit$25.00$25.00
Minimum Balance$01,000.00*
Per Item ChargesNoneNone
Monthly Maintenance$0$8.00*
Overdraft ProtectionNoYes

* For premium accounts, the minimum balance requirement can be met with combined balances for all deposit accounts. If the aggregate balance exceeds $1,000.00 there is no monthly fee.

Now, on to the features that set us apart from the others!

VISA® Check Card

The card that does it all – works like a credit card for purchases and can be used at the ATM to get cash.

Use your VISA® Check card anytime, anywhere! VISA® is widely accepted, it’s fast and conveinent. Plus your WCFCU VISA® Check Card provides you with the comfort of VISA’s® ZERO Liabilitiy protection. So you are not responsible for fraudulent transactions! Or any unauthorized activity due to Identity Theft!


Rewards, Rewards, Rewards…. You want them and we offer them!

Earn rewards by using your VISA® Check Card for the all the things you do anyways. Everytime you sign for a VISA® Check Card transaction you earn points that can be redeem for all kinds of things. Visit our UChoose Rewards website to check your points and see what kinds of “things” you can get.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking offers you the ability to manage your account anytime, any day.

Our Internet Banking system is reliable and secure. You can trust our system to keep your personal information safe. It’s easy to use and has lots of helpful features such as our Secure Messaging system. The Secure Messaging system allows you to communicate with a Credit Union representative by submitting questions anytime of the day or night.

Bill Pay

We offer Bill Pay as a FREE Service.

We want you to enjoy this great feature without having to worry about paying for it. Not only do we offer this service free, it will even save you time and money. No more postage, no more writing out checks and stuffing envelopes. Login and pay all your bills from the same screen. We are confident that once you try Bill Pay, you’ll never be able to go without it!