Youth Accounts

WES Teen

An account just for teens!

wesTeen is a unique account geared for students between the ages of 13 and 17. Developed to meet the special financial needs of teenagers, wesTeen offers a variety of benefits to our younger members. A wesTeen checking account can be opened with a parent or guardian’s signature as joint account holder. With a wesTeen checking account, you’ll receive one FREE box of checks and you’ll get a Visa check card that you can use to withdraw money at the ATM or to make purchases.


An account just for kids!

Saving is FUN with a wesKids account! Kids up to 12 years old can open a wesKids account with a parent or guardian as joint account holder. It only takes $1.00 to start and the account earns dividends. This means, the more you deposit, the more your savings will grow! You’ll receive a cool piggy bank upon opening your wesKids account. Once you fill it up, bring it to our office and have it counted in our new coin-counting machine! If you decide to deposit the money from the piggy bank into your wesKids account, we’ll match your first deposit up to $10.00!