Save to Win!

Be a Winner with Save to Win®!

From now until December 31, 2019, it will pay to save more. When you make deposits every month to a Qualifying Certificate Account, you’ll earn one (1) entry for every $25 increase in the monthly balance in your Qualifying Certificate Account at month’s end. Plus, you’ll be entered to win other prizes through the Save to Win® Savings Promotion Raffle.

All throughout 2019, be one of the first 5 members each month to open a Save To Win account and you already win! We will match the first deposit of $25 to the first 5 members to open a Save to Win account each month, all throughout 2019. Instantly win with Save to Win today!

Western Connecticut FCU will have a Monthly Prize Drawing** where we’ll randomly draw a winner for a $25 cash prize. Plus, you will be eligible for other big prizes, just for increasing your savings in the Qualifying Certificate Account!

To open a Qualifying Certificate Account, as a member, you can add this account over the phone! For your friends or family who might want to participate, they can join online (click here) or stop by our office!

Saving and winning has never been easier!

*Click here for the Official Account and Prize Entry Rules.
**There is a maximum of ten (10) entries per month for the Raffle.